Analysing sharing for Autostadt

What is at stake in the emerging economy of sharing and co-creating?

Sharing is now at the fore of the global economy. But what is behind the many new and different ways of doing business and co-creating? UiWE conducted a research study called ‘Mapping The Sharing Economy’ for Volkswagen’s visitors centre, Autostadt, one of Europe’s most visited tourist destinations. The study maps contemporary trends in ‘sharing,’ ‘co-creation’ and ‘community’ that have recently been on the rise across the world.

Analysing sharing for Autostadt

Through a range of thought-provoking cases from Northern Europe, the broader analysis gave Autostadt an overview of the cultural and social dynamics of the sharing economy. Our work concludes with a range of strategic recommendations targeted to ensure Autostadt’s ongoing development in light of the powerful new trends in sharing.




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Commission, 2013


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