Bording Town Transformation

Transformation strategy for a town on the brink

What does it take to change the course for a small town that has lost its traditional status as a regional shopping hub? UiWE made a transformation strategy for the town of Bording, a community of 3000 people in Jutland, Denmark. Radically rethinking the plan and organization of the area, we proposed the cultivation of Bording as green, residential community. This entails a beautifying of the town centre and connecting it to the surrounding landscape, in addition to a range of other social and organizational initiatives.

Town Transformation

Our proposal features a variety of strategies that include the development of leftover land, introducing a local market building, and involving the local school in the town’s development. This became the framework for the further development of Bording that is now being realized by Ikast-Brande Kommune and Realdania.


Ikast-Brande Kommune + Realdania


Strategy + Urban planning


Tom Nielsen + Jakob Øster


2012, Invited

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