Carlsberg Brand Center

Turning a brand center into a hub for Copenhagen culture

How do you effectively convey the Carlsberg brand while offering a genuine and valuable visitor experience? Together with Arthesia, EFFEKT Architects, Loop Associates and Niras engineers, UiWE developed both the content and profile for a new brand and experience centre for Carlsberg. In contrast to a traditional brand center, we proposed a dynamic culture house designed for ever-changing quality content powered by Carlsberg.

Our Carlsberg Brewhouse concept offers the public a unique place to experience modern renditions of the Carlsberg spirit – rooted in Copenhagen culture. The proposal was the Copenhagener’s favorite in the popular vote. The project is now being realized in collaboration between our team, EFFEKT and several other contributors.


Carlsberg brand center


Cultural strategy + Concept development


Arthesia + EFFEKT + LOOP Associates + Niras


2012, Prequalied competition

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