Culture House Køge

Concept for a culture house fit for the future

The way we socialize and interact with culture is rapidly changing, affecting the way we organize our cultural institutions. UiWE was commissioned to consider what constitutes a future-proof culture house in terms of programming, organization, and functionality in the town of Køge. Based on thorough trend research and interviews with researchers and stakeholders, we developed a scenario for a culture house designed from a user-perspective.

Culture House Køge

We proposed a culture house organized around shared zones of interest such as music, food, knowledge, recreation or contemplation. Thus interests define spaces and atmospheres for the users, rather than organizational boundaries. After being accepted by the town council, the concept became the backbone for the program for an international design competition won by acclaimed architects Lundgaard & Tranberg.


Municipality of Køge


Analysis + Scenarios


2012, Commissioned


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