Place-making in Kaliningrad

Developing feasible development strategies through culture design methods

How do you re-activate a run-down yacht club? How do you bring an old zoo back to life? How do you make an unknown town attractive? In each and every case it is a matter of understanding the cultural and spatial qualities of a specific regional context. UiWE has been engaging in a series of projects in Kaliningrad, Russia and leading workshops with local stakeholders, including the Kaliningrad Zoo, the Kaliningrad Yacht Club and the town of Ozyorsk.

With these partners on the ground we have mapped local qualities and potential areas for improvement and highlighted cultural and architectural scenarios ripe for creative solutions. The result is place-making strategies, concepts and visualizations that enable local stakeholders to move forward.


Nordisk Ministerråd + Tranzit


Concept development + Strategy + Design


Commission, 2014, Ongoing


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