Copenhagen Future Workshop

Check out the main ideas of of the Copenhagen Future Workshop with younger citizens’ reflections about the future planning of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen lighting masterplan

The new Copenhagen Lighting master plan made by Citelum, We’ve contributed with cultural analysis, innovation management and set up of the publication.

Library Space

Our publication “Bibliotekets Rum – designperspektiver på bibliotekudvikling” features cases from 10 Danish libraries working with user-oriented library development as well as a general toolkit with culture design approaches and methods to library spaces.

Communication strategy for a new town

UiWE developed identity and communication strategy for the new town Vinge. Our publication “Introduktion til Vinge” (in Danish) communicates the core visions of the town development plan in eye level.

Design Society Denmark

UiWE did the storytelling and text production for the Design Society Denmark exhibition in Hong Kong 3-8 december 2012 – including this fine publication designed by LOOP Associates.

Copenhagen Urban Toilet

Design brief for The CPH Urban Toilet, a sanitary solution designed for the urban context in Copenhagen. In collaboration with Sara Nanna.

Scenarios for a future culture house

UiWE developed scenarios of a new culture house in the town of Køge, based on thorough trend research and user analysis.

Public Framework

UiWE developed the concept “The Public Framework” as a tool to create, sustain and share public places a long the Kai Tak River in Hong Kong.

Town transformation strategy

A transformation strategy for the town of Bording, a some 3000-person town in Jutland, Denmark.

New Carlsberg Brewhouse

UiWE is part of Team EFFEKT in the international competition hosted by Carlsberg. Read more about the project here.

Culture house Køge

Feasability Study of culture house in Køge.
Made together with Vandkunsten Architects.

Future of a summertown

Development strategy and idea catalogue

Public Private partnership workshop

Process design & documentation
With Changedesign

Changing Metropolis: Creative actions in city-making

Published at VIA Design