We create value connecting people and places

UiWE is culture design agency. We address complex challenges for cities, organisations and companies by integrating culture and design competencies. Our core expertise is making places fit for people.
We add value to planning, architecture and design through deep understanding of human habits and values. UiWE solutions include prizewinning culture- and development strategies, urban design, identity and communication – often combined. The ambition is always: creating meaningful, productive and inspiring spaces.

Why culture design

Solving complex challenges requires understanding of culture – how people act and interact. We all know the absence of human understanding in the lifeless new town, the boring office or the dysfunctional app. On the other hand we experience empathy in the vibrant neighborhood, the inspiring work place or the appropriate public service interface. To develop real, sustainable solutions – and not just more noise – you need a unified understanding of culture, space and strategy. Yet, it’s so often forgotten. Culture design is all about bringing meaning and empathy into design and strategy.

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Your needs

Organization, cities and companies come to us with a variety of needs – often on the border between design and strategy, architecture and experience. Your needs could be:

You’re about to develop a place be it neighborhood, an office or a reception area. Before designing, you ask yourself: What really matter to our users? Can we create more value by innovating the functionality or identity?

You want to improve the user experience – e.g. at a library, in a shop or online. You’d like to answer questions like: How are we perceived? How is our service used? And how can we foster a better user experience?

You aim to build up your work environment. Something is not right you wonder: How can our workspace better fit our company culture? How can we increase employer satisfaction and productivity? How can our place better express who we are?

Culture designer’s approach

We put substantial effort into understanding why and how people do what they do. Our work draws on a variety of methods from the human and social sciences, cultural planning and strategic design. We have developed a rich toolkit and a practical sensitivity in reading people’s perception of places and products. A thorough perception mapping is an essential key to developing solutions that actual address people’s needs. On top of that we add a deep understanding of organization, business and finally design competencies.

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Who we work with

We work with a variety of companies and organizations from different fields and professions and often in collaboration with other creative companies. Amongst our clients are cities, public agencies, cultural institutions and companies. We are passionate about continuously furthering our knowledge, so we enjoy a special connection with universities and design schools.

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What we strive for

It’s our passion to develop human relations, be it in a building, a neighborhood or town, connecting places and people in smarter ways. Quite a few of our projects explore new solutions to contemporary challenges lost in the gaps between sectors and disciplines. We have worked hard on making peeing in public space easier or improving public libraries. But humanizing a corporate work-environment is equally important to us. We are simply dedicated to develop straightforward solutions that make our everyday a bit better.

What we deliver

Finding the appropriate medium is a critical part of every real solution. We deliver short, sweet and appropriate solutions in a variety of formats. Our products vary accordingly and include cultural strategies, development scenarios, design, research reports and film. It’s all about making output tangible and efficient for the people who need it.

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